Earn Money Online using Paytm, Freecharge AppShare Program

[6thΒ Payment Proof + Detailed Steps Added] Hey all! After a long time we are back again with fresh post. In this tutorial, I will teach you ‘how to make money online from Paytm, Freecharge Appshare campaigns‘.

make money online from uc union

You might have used various free recharge apps like ladooo, earn talktime, pocket money etc. After downloading some softwares from these apps, you are rewarded with free talktime.

Whenever you earn 10-15 Rs from such apps, at the same time developer earns 30-40 Rs. So, why not to reduce this huge barrier? Also, using this method you will be able to transfer your earned cash directly into bank account! πŸ™‚ Isn’t it so cool? So let us begin:-

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You might be familiar with the most popular UC web browser. Recently, they have opened an app affiliate portal which is named as “UC Union”. Actually, most of the free recharge apps earn money using such programs only and they pay very small commission to us.

How to Earn Money Online from Freecharge, Paytm App Share

This campaign is not only restricted to freecharge & paytm. Actually, you can refer number of apps to your friends to earn some cool cash.

1) Go to this link and sign up for a publisher account.

paytm refer and earn
Important : enter referral code as “spycoupons” at the time of sign up. After using this code, you will get 10% of our monthly earnings. Please refer to the following picture:

uc union referrer username

2) Just go to ‘Management‘ section and select “submit new site/app” option. Then do the following setting:

> Cooperation : Cash

> Type : site (implementing dynamic ads)

> Site name & url : Put anything πŸ™‚

> Category : Choose any one from the given list.

> Integration method : Link

> Ad format : Appwall

After approval, go to “check campaign list” section. Refer to the screen shot given below-

freecharge appshare

Then you will see 2 options: 1) Recommended campaign 2) All campaign

Select 2nd option as shown:

paytm app share & earn money

Now, you will get list of several apps such as freecharge, paytm, Hungama, clash of clans and many more.

3) Right now, paytm and freecharge are offering 0.50$, 0.42$ per each install. That means, even if you refer freecharge/paytm app to 2 of your friends, you will earn 120 Rs. And great part is that you can transfer all this money into your bank account as a real cash! Some campaign may even earn you 0.80-1$ per each app install. Here is the example:

Promote paytm and earn money

4) Now, select the app that you want to refer from the list and click on ‘promote it‘ button (as shown above).


5) You will get your unique referral link. Now ask your friends to install the app using your link. Now you will start receiving corresponding app commission.spycoupon uc union

6) You can check your earnings in ‘report’ section. These stats are not real time. It takes 1 day to update your yesterday’s data.

How to redeem money

You can redeem your earned money via PayPal or Wire trasnfer (into bank). Minimum payout amount is 10$. If you have any other queries related to the payment, please refer this link.

(New) Payment Proof – 722$ in 6 Months

Without giving much attention to UC union, I successfully made 722$ equivalent to ~43,000 Rs in six months. You can check it here :

uc union payment proof 2016

Older Reports :-

In October, I managed to earn $131 which was little less than previous month’s earning. With exchange rate of 62.7 Rs, I received total 7858 Rs in my bank account.

uc union paypal proof

how to make money on uc union

In July month, I earned total of 166$ as I have already mentioned in spycoupon’s monthly earning report.

July Month’s Proof : So, here we go! On 12th August 2015, I received 166$ (9,955 Rs) in my paypal account.uc union payment proofJune month’s proof : I know you were eagerly waiting for the payment proof like me and here comes the excitement! Though my earnings were finalized 18 days before, the status was still “processing”. But finally, today I got 52.92 USD worth 3000 Rs in my PayPal account. And here is the corresponding proof:uc paypal earning reportSo, at the end all I can say is : just go for it and you will easily earn 1000 Rs per day. I earned 3000 Rs from this program though I wasn’t so serious about it. So do it properly and make a cool cash just sitting at home!

Featured : Do you know, now you can earn upto 1000 Rs from flipkart “invite & earn” program?

If you have any doubt or queries, don’t hesitate to ask. We will try to resolve them as soon as possible. πŸ™‚


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  1. Hi Aryan,

    I need your help in two different issues, when I shared my link to facebook it blocks my promotional link every time, so I tried redirecting but it works only for 1 click and then blocked or visitor get the message somewhat like “you are going to malicious site, go back”

    Just 02 days ago I’ve managed to get the app downloaded by my friend (I am talking about 9app) he downloaded and installed then use it for about 05 minutes but I did not get any cents.
    Well, we are in Pakistan so I must get 0.05 for each download but still its not in my account.

    Let me tell you, I have shared the promotion link which has Indian flag but the installation done in Pakistan from the same link because I noticed that all links are same whether Indian or Pakistani it has same URL so I don’t think so it’s because of Geo location.

    Can you please help me out?

    • 1] You can do one thing. Create a web 2.0 blog (wordpress.com or blogger) which is free & put your affiliate link there with some information. Then share that link on facebook. This way you won’t get flagged by Facebook or UC union.

      2] They might be tracking GEO location via IP address or ISP.

  2. I’m working on Ali Express App & getting pay for that but coming to 9apps even installed and browsing for 2-5 mints still not getting pay for that is any reason for that??

  3. Hello sir,i want to know about paypal.i have an account in sbi bank.in paypal account link process,are they verify sbi bank account or not?i try with ubi bank account with ifsc code then told me”we are unable to process your request please try again letter.can you please provide indian gov. or private bank list who attach in paypal website?reply plz..

  4. I have two approved siter but i cant publish my apps when i am going to promote tha app it says chose your approved site/app and my approved sitrs dose not showing their Plzzzz help me…

  5. how many minimum installation is required to have good quality install in uc union.i am continueslly getting mail of low quality install.

  6. I have two approved siter but i cant publish my apps when i am going to promote tha app it says chose your approved site/app and my approved sitrs dose not showing their Plzzzz help me…

  7. Recently i joined this and get approved . Currently they suspended PayPal payment option . So i need to change it in bank transfer . I have account in bank of baroda and my ifsc code is BARB0FATSIK . But when i put it in ifsc code section it shows that enter in ABCD1234567 format . So what i do .

  8. I have my site approved but when I click on campaign list and click on promote it it shows your “your approved app/site” and doesn’t shows my approved site . help me admin please . Due to that I m not able to promote anything and earn money.

  9. I m not able to use this…pls help me guys…they verify my account and they approved my site,but I am not able to get the link which I want to share .

  10. I’ve Promoted An App Called UCBrowser U3 GP IN. I’ve Shared The Link To My Friend When He Clicked That He Redirected To PlayStore And Downloaded The App But I’m Not Get Paid For That Download.
    There’s No Wrong In The URL Too.

  11. your truly brilliant bro! I was once into website and stuff but slowly lost all the interest once I got my adsense account deactivated. You give me hope!

  12. How would I know that my site is approved whether they mail me how much time it takes to approve and when I click promote it they are asking approved site

    • Hi ! Even I too HV d same prbm , there is no approved site showing , but I got approved ! Did U got solution for it ??! Tnk U

  13. admin sir meri site approved ho gyi lekin jb mai application ka link lene jata hu waha select approved site dikhata h but koi website nhi aati issibwajah se link b nhi milta please help sir or ek baat or jaha meri website aprove hui h uske samne promotion code likha aata h udpe click krne k baad link aata h usko kholne se recommended apps dikhata h waha se b earning ho skti h kya plz help sir

  14. I am not able to get link for sharing apps, when click on promote button it opens a box with submit button with list option but not shows further option
    Admin plz give me reply

  15. My august months payments are confirmed by ucweb team. But status is as : processing. When will I get it?
    Waiting for your valuable reply.

  16. Sir, Is it necessary to earn money in one month? will it add money of previous month in current month earning or not?

  17. Kindly help me, i’m done with all the above steps, but after installing it in my friends i didn’t received any earnings, kindly reply with resolution to my mail. Thank you in advance and waiting for positive response.

  18. Mujhe apps ka referal link hi nahi milta …..koi help kro yaar mera account open karlo password or username i will tell uu……hai koi or admin?

  19. when I promote any app then a message show that…..
    Your Approved App\Site…..

    its big problem for me today i creat new account last time 3months ago also this problem showing….can anybody help me…..
    ADMIN Where are you?

    • Even I am facing the same prbm ! My site is approved , but when i click promote it , i wont get any options in “your approved site/app ” ! Have U got solved it now ! If so please help even me too

  20. There are some apps ..I shared those apps link…but when my friend opened that link he was not redirected to play store…rather a page called app board is coming where there are many apps with download option…what to do now??

    • Because In your app link there is something wrong like the username or any spaces I’ve tried by changed the username and I redirected to that site called app board and bunch of apps are listed it’s happened when in the url sometime wrong like the username.

  21. Yesterday I downloaded all the apps from my referral link & opened for 2 mins also on my friends phone but today my earnings are zero. I have no site but gave a random site during registration. When I clicked on promote it, its showing your approved site & I clicked on my random site that I gave during registration. Is it necessary that all apps need to installed from my random site to get the money?

    • I never faced such problems. Actually I don’t know how they are tracking installations and by the way I had also given random website name at the time of registration. You can ask your account manager for this issue.

  22. Whenever I try to promote any app with my link, it shows that your internet speed is slow and it does not redirect to play store.

  23. Hello Dear Admin ,
    I saw this content from your OLD post called JULY 2015 EARNING REPORT.
    In that you did not describe it step-by-step.
    So I Signup in this website , where I selected
    Integrated Method – AD CODE
    Ad Format – APP WALL.

    But now after reading this new post, I realized that I have to Select LINK.
    So can I change it now?

  24. Hey admin, Thank you soo much for the link shared. I have doubt, can i promote other countries apps..? (20$apps etc ). If no is the answer, will I get succee if I use VPN’s?

  25. Hello Sir 👋
    I have some questions,
    A good news for Indian users,
    Now get free .in and .co.in domain from zoho.in
    My questions are,
    1) Should we need PAN card to receive payment from ucweb?
    2) My age is 16, How can I get a PAN card?
    3) Is it possible to buy domains via payTM wallet?

    I hope you will respond me ☺

  26. To all those who have doubts about uc union..
    1st: sign up
    2nd: share and earn(your data will be updated the next day…shayad se vo log gmt +8 k hisab se chalte hai)
    3rd: add payments details to website (eg paypal, before 25th of every mnth or ell your payment would be made the next month)
    4 th: cross the threshold of 10$ and wait till 28-29 th of the month.
    5th: keep on checking your payment msg( after 10 – 15 days it will show “transfered”)

    after you recieve the payment definitely thank the admin πŸ™‚

    my payment was aproved on 28th of july then came to my paypal on 13th aug and then from paypal to my account on 14th.

  27. I got 17$ to my paypal…thanks admin
    just wanted to ask how much time and effort it took for you to get so many visitors to your page n get 1040$ from adsence and if you dont mind are you desi computer engineer? πŸ˜€

    • It took almost 7 months to reach milestone of 18000 visitors per day and it’s still increasing. I used to invest daily 4 hours on this website.
      I’m mechanical engineer and blogging is just my passion. πŸ™‚

  28. When I click on promote it, site is asking me to choose a co-orpotion or submit a new one.
    When I go to add site than they are asking me information about like site name ,site url, category, add format, integration method. What should I fill in these fields?

  29. Admin Ji,
    Keval ek hi Sawal He.
    Kya Isme Bhi Flipkart Affiliate ki Tarah Earning Amount ka Approvel Hota He.
    Kya Jo Earning Sho Kar raha He Vo OK he.

  30. I too got payment message πŸ™‚ BTW in your payment message, is there anything below “Confirmed” field ?

  31. Sir, please help me. I tried my best but still my earnings are 0$.
    I shared my link on my website, even on Whatsapp and Facebook too.

    • UC union doesn’t give money for sharing links. Your invited friend must download and use that app for some time. Then only, you will earn money.

    • They have removed those just before few days. But don’t worry, you can refer other apps and they will surely give you good money. πŸ™‚

  32. Dear Admin,

    I have 38$ in my account. But no payment message yet πŸ™

    Have you got the payment message? Keep Posting πŸ™‚

  33. Hey admin I have $36 in account and I have filled all the payment details same as yours and today is 25th. Still I have not got payment message. Please help me what to do ?

  34. I installed myself and my friends downloaded too. But I didn’t got money.
    Appwall wala ya promotion wala link share karna hai?

  35. While entering details in payment account tab in paypal , what does id number & payment account refer to? and where can I find the both in my paypal account?
    Please help me fast because I have to redeem my money.

    • In my case:
      1) Payment method : Paypal
      2) ID type : Pan Card
      3) ID number : Your unique pan no
      4) Payment account : email address of your paypal account.

  36. I have successfully earned 10 dollar but there is no option for redemption.
    Please help me out.
    I don’t understand their 25th of month policy.

  37. It’s telling –
    Please choose your cooperation app/site or submit a new 1..
    Can you help me please??
    In payment details its asking swift code is that ifsc code and what should i put in company profile in payment.. please help my all comments are still awaiting….

  38. Apk installs not reflecting in UC Union reports. I tried it in bluestacks. Any solutions? Will this work in windows or rooted mobiles with imei changer and android id changer?
    should we create a new gmail account to install every time. Kindly clarify.

  39. Admin, my friends have downloaded the app from my link yesterday. But it is showing 0 in my report. What may be the problem?

  40. 1 . Hi admin,
    Can you please tell me which option to select under Cooperation Cash
    or Traffic?


    • Here is the list of answers πŸ™‚
      1) If you own a website and want free traffic to it, then you can select ‘traffic’ as your option. UC browser will list your site on their home page so that your site will get more traffic.
      If your sole purpose is to earn real money, then select “cash” option.
      2) Login to uc union and go to account settings. At the bottom, you will find an option to add referrer. Enter spycoupons in that text field.

    • After approval, go to “campaign list” and select the app which you want to promote. Now you will get an unique affiliate link. Just share it with your friends.

  41. Hi,
    After signup, and go to management, when I press β€œpromote it” it will show β€œPlease choose your cooperation app/site or submit a new one”??
    what should I do? Please help me?

  42. Hi,
    Thanks a TON for this valuable info! This site ROCKS!
    Do your friends need to open the app or just play store install gives money?

  43. Actually I don’t know how to proceed with the “site” procedure…
    Can you give me some examples…it will be better…because there are many options available.

  44. My friends downloaded three apps from my links, but in the website its showing as zero. I mailed them 4times , but no response. Kindly help me in promoting.

  45. Hi admin, they rejected my publisher account. Could you please tell me which option to select under Cooperation. Cash or Traffic. BTW I select Cash. I will be grateful if you put a screenshot to get an approval.

  46. It is asking add approved site or submit a new one. If I click new one it is asking cash or traffic with four required options. Please help me what I have to select.

  47. Please admin tell me it is only for first time download apps or we can download more and more times in per device.

  48. Tell us some trick to earn more. Can I download the apps using my own link many times in same device or in bluestacks? Does UC union tracks the device id?

    • I don’t think that they will track device id. Just give it a try on bluestacks and see the earning report on next day. If it works, then start looting. πŸ™‚

  49. Hi,when I sign in, it asks for referrer username. Can you tell me what does it means? I tried many username, but it say that referrer username does not exist.

  50. First Of All Thanks For Providing Useful Information. But Have You Receive Payment through Bank A/c & they Ask Swift code which is not applicable in India. Means only IFSC Code Is Available in INDIA.

    Can I Use Bluestacks For Downloading App Multiple Times Using Changing IMEI & Etc.

    Please Reply


    • SWIFT code is available for each and every bank in India. I always prefer paypal to receive payments over wire transfer. I will be paid in next month, but it seems to be legit program. I will update payment proof as soon as possible.

  51. Admin sir affiliate account create karte hai to website or tax no. punchte hai iske liye kiya karna chahiye?

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make money online from uc union

Earn Money Online using Paytm, Freecharge AppShare Program