E Gaana App : What Does It Mean? All You Need To Know

Ever wondered what the ‘E’ symbol on the Gaana app meant? What that genre signifies? There’s a specific category of songs that’s only meant for the youth, and which the other categorically age-group, would find extremely unethical to hear.

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The ‘E’ symbol exactly means the same – the explicit content. It could be the raps, and songs that contain some not-so-usual lyrics. If you’re really into the Indian raps for a while, and have followed popular rappers such as Divine, and others, and have been listening to their raps, you must have noticed that the songs would have been offensive for normies, because their raps specifically target system and society using cuss words, and these would be otherwise unethical to go fit for the society. This is what the ‘E’ symbol signifies. It’s basically the musical version of “Listen with your own consent”, and “Use Headphones”.

I’m seeing many users on internet searching for E Gaana app but let me tell you, no such app exists in reality. So head over to play store and download only authentic Gaana app to start enjoying your favorite tracks.

Since, we’re out of our topic of interest, we’ll now let you know about another feature on the app that you can avail to stream songs in HD audio in an ad-free experience. You can get the Gaana+ subscription for the same. It allows all the features you’d otherwise find on a no-subscription streaming plus, some extra perks to go with.

Amazon is now offering a Rs 399 pack for an yearly subscription of the app, and a Rs 199 offer for a three-monthly premium streaming. You can use this to download millions of songs in high quality audio, and all that in absolutely no-ad interface. Plus, Paytm and FreeCharge are both offering the subscription to the app, for which you’ll require to make purchases through them, and avail the membership in return. Check them out. And make sure you sign in to the offer, and listen to your favourite category, which includes the ‘E’ songs.

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download e gaana apk

E Gaana App : What Does It Mean? All You Need To Know