3 Ways to Connect JioFi to Windows PC / Laptop

JioFi is certainly the best alternative for those who don’t have 4G Volte smartphone. After analysing the market urge, Reliance launched JioFi device which acts as a router and you can easily connect your 2G/3G devices to it via wifi.

After buying this gadget, many people started searching for a guide on how to connect JioFi device to Windows pc and laptops. So in this post, all your doubts will be cleared and you will be able to enjoy Jio 4G internet on your pc as well as laptop.

connect jiofi to pc

Connecting Jio Wifi Device to Laptop

Virtually there is no need to use any USB cable to connect your jiofi device to Laptop. Simply turn on your laptop’s wifi and connect it to jiofi network.

In case your wifi is not working then you can take the help of USB cable.

Connect JioFi to PC (Windows XP)

Windows xp is really a great piece of software for beginners but it has one major flaw. Most of the required drivers are missing in XP and you have to install them manually. If you are on Windows 7 or higher OS versions then there should not be any problem sharing JioFi’s internet.

So here are the steps to configure Windows XP to support JioFi

  1. At first, download Windows xp remote NDIS driver. You can easily get its download link from Google.
  2. Don’t install it. Simply connect your JioFi to PC using USB cable.
  3. As soon as you pluck the cable in, Windows will show you a yellow popup to install hardware.
  4. Now click on next button and select the option of add from specific location.
  5. Now choose the file which you have downloaded in step 1.
  6. After successfully finishing the driver installation, you will be able to share Jio 4g internet of jiofi to your Windows xp desktop pc.

But there is another method which can give you better internet speed as compared to usb. Here’s how it works:

Connect JioFi to PC without USB

1) Buy a wifi device from Amazon.

2) Attach this device to your pc. Basically it adds the functionality of wifi to your pc.

3) Now you can easily connect to any hotspot or wireless networks using your pc.

Do you know any other ways to use JioFi on PC? Then do share with us & help thousands of other users who are seeking for the help.

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3 Ways to Connect JioFi to Windows PC / Laptop