Complete AdSense Guide & Ad Optimization Techniques for Indian Users

Almost everybody in today’s world want to earn money online. There are thousand of ways to earn cash by doing online work. But when it comes to paying rates, nobody can beat AdSense. So, in this post I will tell you tips and tricks for making huge money using Google AdSense.Adsense Earning Guide

Let me give you quick introduction about the topic. AdSense is an online advertising company which pays publishers for posting ads on their blogs & websites. After placing ads, your roll is over! Now just relax on chair and wait for cheque to receive on your address!!

How to start?

Well, it is not as easy as you think. But one can get huge success if done properly with good optimization techniques. If you are newbie, then I will recommend you to start a blogger blog. Why? Answer is pretty simple. You don’t have to pay single penny for hosting and no programming skills are required. Even I started my adsense career using blogspot blog. It’s free and easy to use. Just purchase custom domain (.com, .in) from godaddy or bigrock and link it with your blog (Always prefer custom domain rather than Now it is time to create some post with Unique Content. Do not ever try to copy paste articles from other websites because google is far clever than you. Search engines always prefer new, fresh and innovative content. However, you are free to read others post and write in your own words. Create at least 50-60 unique posts and wait for 2-3 months. After going through all the steps given above, apply for adsense using this link. Fill up necessary information and submit the form for review. After 1-2 weeks you will be notified whether application is accepted or rejected. If they reject, then you have to make necessary changes and resubmit form.

I got AdSense approval, now how to make money?

Generally AdSense pays 0.10-0.15$ (approximately 7-10 Rs) per click for Indian users. Means if your visitors make 30 ad clicks per day, you will earn nearly 300 Rs just sitting at home! Isn’t it so cool? Sometimes cpc (cost per click) can go high upto 1-2$ (highest cpc which I got was 0.90$). Just login to your adsense publisher account and click on “My Ads”. From there, you can create your own ads with different styles suitable for your site. Save them and you will get javascript code, put that code on your blog to show ads to visitors. Don’t force your relatives and family friends to click on ads, else account will get Banned For Lifetime! Follow only one golder rule : More innovative content > More traffic > More clicks > Money!! After reaching 100$, you can make payment request. Usually it takes 10-15 days for cheque to reach in hands.

How to optimize adsense to increase revenue?

It becomes very necessary to optimize ad placement when it comes to revenue generation. A site with 10K traffic but poor optimization can make 10$ per day but same site which is fully optimized can earn more than 20-25 $. I will recommend you to choose website template wisely (Prefer wordpress powered site rather than blogger). Usually responsive themes can create more revenue as they are mobile friendly and best suited for desktop versions. If you are using wordpress, use plugins such as Easy Adsense for correct ad placement. It’s better to put ads on top and side bar of the page. You can place maximum of 3 content units and 3 link units per page.

That’s all for today, but if you are facing any issues do write them in comment box below. I will be in touch within a day.

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  1. Sir I’m starting a blog on bodybuilding, I’m still writing the contents, if my Facebook friends visits the site and clicks on ads then will Google ban my adsense account?

  2. One of my youtube video is being shown 3rd party content but that video is made my myself (piano tutorial)? What to do?

  3. Thanks is not enough bro… For your hard working… Can you tell me about free template for blogger that’s like your smooth site… ? What’s you prefer for site building blogger / WordPress or other ?

    • 1) I always prefer wordpress over blogger. Because it offers you a good SEO.
      2) I love elice blogger theme very much and you can use it for free.

    • Its very easy to get adsense account for youtube monetization rather than adsense for content. Just create interesting videos with cool graphics effect and make it SEO friendly. Title and description should be properly optimized. Once you get organic traffic to your video, earning will start.
      [NOTE]:Do not force family or friends to watch your video. Adsense tracks ip address, geographic locations and bans your account if such things happen!

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Complete AdSense Guide & Ad Optimization Techniques for Indian Users