Coinbase Referral Code 2020 : Refer & Earn 750 Rs Per Friend

coinbase referral program

Digital currencies are the newest preferred norm in investments today. Thinking of either buying or trading in cryptocurrencies is a noble idea. Some of the currencies such as BTH and ETH have been skyrocketing in exchange rates. The cryptocurrencies are thus considered secure investments.

Here’s talking of one of the largest BTC and ETH trading and storing firms on the internet – Coinbase.

Coinbase is an established name in the digital currencies investments, buying and selling internet societies.

Why Coinbase?

There are a ton of different cryptocurrencies trading websites. So why Coinbase? 

  • The first reason could easily be the brand name. Coinbase is one of the earliest agencies to come up with BTC trading and buying services. It is trusted by many big firms and continues to draw investments, including some from the renowned US Federal Banks. 
  • It is a wallet cum trading service. If you’ve strolled through the comparative agencies, you would notice that many of these lack wallet service and require you to purchase and maintain a digital wallet from somewhere else. With Coinbase however, you don’t need to look to anywhere else for wallets. 
  • Coinbase charges absolutely nothing for in-app transactions. That is you don’t have to pay any service charge if you’re trading your currency within the website.
  • They’re a secure website. Also, everything from storing to buying/selling currencies is explained in layman’s terms. You don’t require any technical expertise to start buying. 

You could also use one of their features which is promising lofty incentives for continuing to trade within the website. You can make use of their referral program to earn $10 per your referred friend. Here’s how it works:

Coinbase Referral Code 2020

  • Click here to visit Coinbase.
  • Now complete your KYC to activate your account.
  • Transact for $100 or more on Coinbase to get $10 (Rs 750) as a bonus (this step is not mandatory but if you’re looking for free bonus, then you should follow it).
  • Now on the coinbase app’s homepage, you will see the banner of referral program.
  • Click on it and now you will get your unique referral link like this:
coinbase referral code

Now you have to share this unique link with your friends.

Once your friend signs up using your link and transacts for $100 or more on Coinbase, you both get $10 bonus.

When do the purchases start showing up in my wallet? 

Well, purchases through bank transactions take time to process and it could take upto 4 working days to show your purchase in your wallet. However, purchases made through debit/credit cards are processed almost instantaneously and immediately show up.

Is trading cryptocurrencies and coinbase, in particular, safe? 

Well, yes — for both these questions. Trading in cryptocurrencies is not only a safe option with regards to security breach, but also considering future stakes. As the cryptocurrencies are unlikely to reach saturation by growth anytime soon. And talking of coinbase, it’s one of the most trusted brands in the field and finds investors as big as New York Stock Exchange. 

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Coinbase Referral Code 2020 : Refer & Earn 750 Rs Per Friend