Brave Browser Offer : Surf Web As You Normally Do & Earn Free BAT Tokens

brave refer and earn

What Is Brave Browser?

Brave browser is a fast, safe & privacy-focused browser that incorporates easy payment within it. It is one of the most useful browsers which can help you to earn money by watching Ads, referring codes, and receiving tips.

Here are key features of Brave:

  1. Built in Firewall & VPN to safeguard your online privacy
  2. Built in adblocker
  3. Blocks harmful scripts & websites
  4. Comes with Tor which hides your identity and location.
  5. It lets you earn money!

So How Do You Earn With Brave Browser?

The website has a simple way of rewarding its new users. The website pays in the form of cryptocurrency. There are three ways of getting paid on Brave. 

  • Watching Ads-

You can start watching ads for earning money on Brave. The ads can be in the form of videos or website visits.

To enable this feature, just open brave browser and tap on the three dots at the bottom of screen and click on Brave Rewards option.

earn money from brave browser
earn free bat coins

Now enable ads option and now you’re good to go.

Now you will start earning BAT coins each time you see an ad on Brave. At the time of writing this post, 1 BAT coin is worth 20 Rs.

  • Becoming Affiliate-

If you have a fairly big audience on social media apps like twitter, youtube, or twitch, you can give them your referral link to start using the Brave browser. For every new user joined through your link, you will get paid a small amount.

  • Becoming A Creator-

If you have a good audience following on social media applications like Twitter, Youtube, or Twitch, your followers can tip you from your Brave Browser Dashboard. You can set the amount that can be paid as a tip to you.

Brave Browser Cons

  1. The syncing capability is missing. As a user switches to his other device it does not sync the bookmarks and this one of the important flaws of the browser.
  2. It is not easy to purchase BAT using the credit cards and sometimes these types of transactions are rejected by the bank.

Is it Safe?

The browser itself helps to safeguard us from phishing pages, malware viruses, and harmful plugins(extensions).

It also blocks ads and trackers and provides us the reports of the blocked Ads also.

The company also claims that they do not share the data with any other companies, and the data which is stored in our devices can also be deleted whenever we want it. 

Should You Use It?

As the Brave Browser is very fast than other substitutes and loads the pages very fast it becomes a prime feature to use the browser.

To switch from other browsers to the brave browser is very easy. All the old browser profiles will be added to the brave browser during the welcome tour of the browser.

So, yes you can give it a try!


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Brave Browser Offer : Surf Web As You Normally Do & Earn Free BAT Tokens