Pubg Bigfoot APK Download 2020 : Find Best Loot Places, Flare Gun & Kar98k

Today, on SpyCoupon, we are going to reveal an awesome trick using which you will get assured loot and your favorite guns like AWM, Kar98k and even flare gun with more than 90% accuracy. No, we are not hacking the game, we are just finding the places with best loot possible. I’m sure not many of you know about this trick so let’s see how it really works. And yes, make sure you read our post about free pubg redeem codes that will help you to get awesome freebies in the game.

Okay so the secret app that we are talking about in this post is BigFoot app and we will be providing you its Google play link as well as direct apk link so you can start applying its magic straight away.

pubg bigfoot apk link

Important Note : Sooner or later Pubg will track the users using this app and it will ban your account…but we do have a solution for you! If you are playing alone or if you have 1 empty player while playing in squad then you can apply this tweak.

Just get 1 dummy pubg account and add it to your squad. Now install the Bigfoot apk on that dummy phone. Now you will be able to see the loot places on that dummy phone. Remember those locations and use your real pubg account to navigate to those places. Hope it makes sense to you!

Bigfoot Pubg Apk Download 2020

  1. Download the Bigfoot app from here.
  2. Open it and grant the required permissions.
  3. Now Open pubg and when you are in plane, it will show you where the guns will be.
  4. If you want to know the location of flare guns, you will have to share this app with your friends first and only then the option of flare guns will unlock.
  5. Bigfoot apk shows you places where you can get best guns like AWM, Kar98k, then accessories like level 3 vest, 8x scope, cars, buggies & helmets with high accuracy.

So guys, give it a try and let us know if that worked for you. We’ll see you in next post, Tada 🙂

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pubg bigfoot apk link

Pubg Bigfoot APK Download 2020 : Find Best Loot Places, Flare Gun & Kar98k