5 Best Whey Protein Supplements in India 2017

For a charming personality, one needs to have great physique & it can be easily achieved through proper exercise & nutrition. But if you have decided to gain some serious muscles then you will need something extra than regular diet. Yeah, you guessed it right! It’s nothing but the protein.

Many beginners have doubt whether they can build good body naturally or not. Of course, it is possible but the process is long & time consuming. Not just that, you will have to eat like a crazy & not everyone can afford that, right?

If you want to gain muscles then you must understand the basic principle behind it. During heavy weight training, our muscles get stretched as they are subjected to continuous contractions & elongations. Since muscles are damaged now, you need to give some fuel to them so that they will recover & grow more. The more they grow, the more muscles you will have. Got my point?

Protein comes into picture when it’s time to recover your muscles. According to sources, each kg of bodyweight requires 1~1.2 gm protein. That means if you weigh 70 Kilos, then your daily protein requirement will be around 140 grams. Now it is quite difficult to get all this protein naturally unless you’re ready to eat heavy meals throughout the day. That’s the reason why people look forward for Whey protein! There are many brands out there but choosing the best is most important because one wrong step can lead to heavy damage to body organs.

What’s whey?

You can call it as a dairy product. When milk is converted into cheese, a layer of liquid is formed as by-product. It’s then processed further & finally Why isolates are formed.

Top 5 Whey Protein Supplements in India

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey

Being an American brand, almost all ON products are of top notch quality but costly at the same time. This Gold standard 100% whey protein comes into 7-8 flavours & if you have never used it before, I will suggest you to go with chocolate.

no side effects whey

Coming to the nutrition value, each serving gives you 24 gram protein (equivalent to 7~8 egg whites). Along with that, you get 5.5 gram branched chain amino acids (these are the building blocks of our body). There’s also one more variant available called “platinum hydrowhey” which has 30g protein per serving. But it’s bit costly, so if you are on tight budget, then go for Gold whey.

BSN Syntha 6

Serving size : 1 rounded scoop (47 grams)

Protein content : 22 grams


Compared to ON, BSN provides 1~2 gram less protein per servings but again it’s one of the most reputed brand in the world. Good part about this supplement is, it doesn’t contain any soy protein. Many users have claimed that this protein powder increased their hunger & stamina while others also noticed significant mass gain.

MuscleTech Premium Whey

Serving size : 40 grams

Protein quantity/serving : 20 grams

best whey protein india

Don’t get confuse between MuscleTech & MuscleBlaze. Former one is US brand while other is an Indian. Apart from 20g protein per scoop, you also get 140 calories of which 15 cal comes from fat. Regular gym goers can consume 1-1.5 scoop per day (if you are already eating eggs or meat then 1 scoop is enough). It helps in faster muscle recovery & initiate its growth giving you lean & muscular physique.

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5 Best Whey Protein Supplements in India 2017