Amazon Quiz Answers Today : 500 Rs Pay Balance Recharge Quiz

(Updated on 21st November 2017 : Amazon recharges quiz answers added) As you all know, Amazon frequently conducts quizzes & contests on its platform. Most of those are app exclusive so you have to download their application from play store which is obviously free of cost.

In this post, we are going to tell you the answers of today’s amazon recharges quiz so that you can increase the chances of winning cool gadgets, mobiles, headphones and many more exciting prizes.

amazon recharge quiz answers

Today’s Amazon Recharges Quiz Answers (21 November)

Click here to activate the quiz on your android app.

1) You can recharge your prepaid mobile number on Amazon; Ans : True

2) What’s the maximum cashback you can avail currently on first airtel recharge with pay balance? Ans : 75 Rs

3) What’s the maximum cashback one can avail on 1st Jio prepaid recharge with amazon pay balance? Ans : Rs 99

4) Mobile recharges on are available for which mobile operators? Ans : All operators

5) You can use Amazon pay balance to recharge your prepaid mobile number. Ans : True

Older Quizzes Ahead…

Amazon OnePlus 5T Quiz Answers

  1. Which of these is a new feature in the Oneplus 5T? Ans : AMOLED 18:9 display
  2. OnePlus 5T offers a larger viewing experience compared to oneplus 5, at a similar form factor. What is the display size of Oneplus 5t? Ans : 6.01 inch
  3. A pixel is the base element in measuring display resolution. The term pixel is short form of which of these? Ans : Picture element

Level 2 Photography Answers

  1. What are the primary dual camera specs on oneplus 5T? Ans : 16MP + 20MP
  2. Which of these is not a setting that can be fine tuned on oneplus 5t manual mode? Ans : Lever
  3. Which of these is not associated with format pictures are saved in digitally? Ans : Sunshine

Level 3 Performance Answers

  1. Oneplus 5t is powered by which processor? Ans : snapdragon 835
  2. What are the RAM variants that are oneplus 5 t is available in? Ans : 6GB/8GB
  3. What does ROM stand for? Ans : Read only memory

Level 4 Power answers

  1. With dash charge, how long does it take to get a day’s power on oneplus 5T? Ans : Half an hour
  2. What is the battery capacity of oneplus 5t? Ans : 3300 mah
  3. Which of these is not a type of battery? Ans : Pima Colada

Level 5 Answers

  1. When does oneplus 5t sale begin for prime members? Ans : 4:30, 21st November
  2. Which of these phrases are associated with Oneplus? Ans : Never settle
  3. Which of these oneplus phones was not launched on Ans : Oneplus 11

Amazon Bournvita Maze Quiz Answers

There will be 3 mazes in total but you can solve any one of them. In a maze, you will be given 5 clues and you have to find that product on amazon. The matching product will have a Bournvita biscuit maze sticker on it. Click on that sticker and keep looking for more such products to increase the chances of winning. 20 Lucky winners are going to get 5000 Rs amazon pay balance each!

Maze 1 – On The Go Snacks

1) Bournvita Crunchy Cookies Tiffin

2) Paperboat coconut water

3) Doritos Cheese

4) Paperboat Chikki

5) Happy Belly Roasted and Salted Cashews

Maze 2 – On The Go Music & TV

1) Amazon Fire TV stick

2) Saregama  SC03 Music Player

3) Apple iPod

4) JBL speaker

5) Amazon basics nano speaker

Maze 3 : On The Go Gadgets

1) Apple iPad Tablet

2) Kindle E reader

3) Mitashi gaming console

4) Kodak powerbank

5) Fujifilm instant camera

1) Which of these is the technology used in the LG Q6’s display?

Ans : Full vision display

2) Every LG Q6 device bought on comes with a free one-time screen replacement valid for period of 6 months.

Ans : True

3) What is the aspect ratio of the LG Q6’s Full Vision display?

Ans : 18:9

4) Which of these was named ‘International Word of the Year 2013’ by the Oxford Dictionaries?

Ans : Selfie

5) Which of these is a feature of the LG Q6’s front camera?

Ans : Wide angle selfie

Today’s Amazon Oneplus 5T Quiz Answers (10 November)

1) When is the OnePlus 5T launch event scheduled to go live?

Ans : 9.30 PM 16th November 2017.

2) Which of these is a color associated with the OnePlus range of phones?

Ans : Midnight black

3) What is OnePlus’s charging technology called?

Ans : Dash charge

4) Amazon Prime members will enjoy early access to the sale of OnePlus 5T. When does this sale begin?

Ans : 4.30 PM 21st November 2017

5) Which of these phrases is associated with the OnePlus 5T?

Ans : a new view

Amazon Super Value Quiz Answers

1) Shopping on Super Value Day gives you cashback on purchase of household supplies & more. What is the maximum cashback one can avail? Ans : 1200 Rs

2) Super Value Day occurs on which days of the month? Ans : 1st & 2nd of each month

3) Which of the following products would NOT be eligible for the Super value day cashback offer? Ans : Electronics & furniture

4) Mr. X made a purchase of Rs 3000 from the Super Value Day store. What is the maximum cashback Mr. X can get? Ans : 600 Rs

5) After the order is dispatched, how long does it take for the Super Value Day cashback to be credited to customer’s account? Ans : 72 hours

Amazon Aveeno Baby Contest Answers

1) Which of these products are used for baby’s skin care? Ans : Lotion, cream, bath wash

2) Which of the following natural ingredients can be found in all Aveeno baby products? Ans : oats

3) What is the benefit that oats have on baby’s skin? Ans : Moisturize and soothe dry skin

4) All aveeno products are Paraben, Phthalate & fragrance free : True

5) Aveeno baby was founded in which of the following places? Ans : USA

Amazon Festive Riddle Quiz Answers

amazon app treasure hunt answers

Q 1) A carpet of rice, flour, sand or petals. What am I?
Ans : Rangoli

Q 2) I go up, I go down. Towards the sky & ground. What am I?

Ans : Rocket firecracker

Q 3) To throw me, you would prefer a crowd. What am I?

Ans : Party

Q 4) I have hearts but no other organs. What am I?

Ans : A deck of cards

Q 5) Scratch my head, see me turn from black to red. What am I?

Ans : A match stick

Q 6) I am a kind of coat that can only be put on when wet. What am I?

Ans : Paint

Q 7) Round and round, never off the ground. What am I?

Ans : Chakri

Q 8) I can be cracked, made, told, and played. Who am I?

Ans : A joke

Q 9) A box of diamond that most love to eat. What am I?

Ans : Sugar

Q 10) Light me up for a sprinkle of gold. What am I

Ans : Flower pot

Today’s Amazon App Treasure Hunt Quiz Answers & Clues

Amazon treasure hunt game is back again! The quiz will commence at 2 PM today (10 October) and it will end at 10 PM.
You will see new product every 15 minutes and you have to guess the correct answer to claim it for free.
We will add the answers at 2 PM, so stay tuned…

This time Amazon is going to give prizes to over 700 lucky winners and they will be notified immediately after playing quiz.

Amazon Maggi Maze Quiz Answers Today

amazon maggi maze answers

Yet another Maggi contest is live on Amazon and this time you have got the chance to win massive 5000 Rs pay balance in rewards. These are the instructions you need to follow while playing this maggi maze quiz.

  1. Pick one of the three mazes to see the first clue.
  2. Find the product on Amazon that matches the clue.
  3. The matching product will have a maggi maze sticker.
  4. Check that sticker and keep looking for more such items.

There are 3 mazes : Festival food, Gifting & Parties. You can choose any one of them. After that you have to solve all 5 clues correctly to become eligible for the prizes.

40 Lucky winners will get amazon pay balance worth Rs 5000 each! Same will be sent to your registered email id by 30th October 2017.

Answer Key

Food Festival Maze :

  1. Haldiram’s Nagpur Alu Bhujia 1KG
  2. Maggi 2 Minutes Noodles Masala 560 g
  3. Rozana Basmati Rice 5 KG
  4. Gifts ready to eat matar paneer 285g
  5. MTR Gulab Jamun 1KG Tin

Gifting Maze :

  1. Maggi Festive Flavors Pack 857g
  2. Ferrero Rocher 24 pieces (799 Rs)
  3. LaOpala Dew Dinner Set
  4. Bodyherbal gift set
  5. Oneplus 5

Parties & Get Togethers Maze :

  1. Monin cocktail set syrup 5 bottles
  2. Wellfaith copper string LED light 10M 100 LED USB (470 Rs)
  3. TiedRibbons Candles
  4. Malaki Playing Cards
  5. JBL bluetooth speaker

Amazon Quiz : Super Value Day

In this contest, you are asked to solve 5 easy questions. 10 Lucky winners are going to get amazon pay balance worth 10000 rs.

Answers :

1) Shopping on super value day gives you cashback on purchase of household supplies and more. What is the max cashback one can avail? Ans: Rs 1200

2) Super Value day occurs in which days of month? Ans: 1st & 2nd of month

3) Cashback for super value day is received in the form of Amazon pay balance? Ans: true

4) Amazon pay balance offers an extra cashback of 10% on a minimum purchase of 600 Rs during super value day. What’s max cashback one can avail? Ans: Rs 200

5) Super value day offers cashback on your monthly purchase of beauty and personal care. Ans: True

Amazon Party Hop Quiz Answers (Win Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Headphone)

How to play this quiz? It’s simple. On the offer page, you will see the puzzle which is in the form of picture. Then search on Amazon app for that product. The matching product will have a skullcandy party hop sticker. Click the sticker and keep looking for more products. You have to find 20 such things to win this contest.

Top 17 winners will stand a chance to win newly launched Skullcandy crusher bluetooth headphone worth 11,999 Rs!


1) Samsung home theatre system

2) F&D speakers

3) Saregama music player

4) Hercules controller

5) ION audio ball

6) Borosil diya

7) Sound king amplifier

8) Haldiram Nagpur Aloo Bhujia

9) Haldiram Nagpur gulab jamun

10) Funskool jenga

11) Set of 25 LED balloons for Diwali & Christmas

12) Fererro rocher chocolate gift set worth 799 rs

13) Cadbury rich dry fruit correction

14) Ultimate ears roll 2 Bluetooth speaker

15) House of Quirk Texas casino game

16) Act 2 popcorn 150 gram

17) Drinking roulette

18) Cadbury dairy milk miniatures collection

19) Citra decoration lights

20) Copper string 100 LED USB lights

Check this space for more updates…

Amazon OnePlus 5 Train Of Cards Quiz Answers

It’s very easy to play this game. Amazon is going to give 5000 Rs to lucky winners who find more than 5 cards in a game. Those who will find 10+ cards will get a chance to win 10000 Rs worth Amazon pay balance. There are total 100 cards in this quiz.


1) Mi 10000 mah powerbank 2 (link)

2) OnePlus 5 Soft Gold 64GB (link) Hint : unlocks in 0.2 seconds

3) Timex men’s watch (link) hint : (___ and tide wait for none)

4) Sennheiser cx180 earphone (link) hint : (loud and clear)

5) Oneplus 3T mobile

6) Ambrane P-1111 power bank

7) Sony 16GB microvault USB flash drive

8) Fossil Q FTW2106 marshal touchscreen watch

9) Bosch 7KG front load fully automatic washing machine

10) Mi Basic in ear headphone

11) Titan Analog Blue Dial Women’s watch 9710SM01

12) Philips BT1212/15 beard trimmer

13) LG 43LJ522T LED TV

14) Premsons bluetooth smart watch

15) Matrix WCH-192-BL casual multicolour watch

16) Veet sensitive touch trimmer

17) Espoir Latest0507 blue dial watch

18) Nova NHT 1046 cordless trimmer

19) Micromax 40A9900FHD/40A6300FHD LED TV

Top 6 card collectors will get OnePlus 5 smartphone. So what are you waiting for? Solve the quiz now! On the contest page, you will find some hints and you need to lookout for that product on Amazon app. If you are lucky enough, you will get the product within minutes and in the product information there will be card banner. Simply click on that card to increase your chances of winning. We will try to add its answers here so keep watching this space.

Today’s Amazon iPhone 8 Quiz Answers

1) Which processor does the iPhone 8 run on? Ans : A11 Bionic chip

2) Which of these feature is available on the iPhone 8? Ans : Wireless charging

3) The iPhone 8 will be available in __ GB and 256 GB capacities. Ans : 64GB

4) What is Apple’s intelligent voice assistant called? Ans : Siri

5) The iPhone 8 will not be available in which of these colors? Ans : Rainbow

Prize Announcement

2 Lucky winners will get an iPhone 8 by 30th November 2017.

Today’s Amazon Guess Who Quiz Answers

This contest will be held everyday between 10 AM to 10 PM. You will need to find the product in given puzzle on Amazon website. Don’t worry, we will update the product links here every hour so you can win the cool freebies.

guess who quiz answers amazon

Puzzle of the hour (9PM to 10PM) answer : Hot & Bold Bracelet click here

Blockbuster puzzle answer (6PM to 9PM) : Answer is Lego appolo kit click here


There are total 30 puzzles and there is 1 prize of every quiz. All the winners will be declared by 30 November 2017.

Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Question & Answers

amazon quiz win pay balance

Q 1) Which is the fastest way to pay for shopping on Amazon? Answer : Amazon Pay Balance

Q 2) Which of the following you can not do on the amazon pay page? Answer : Take a selfie

Q 3) You can use Amazon pay balance to make payments on the redbus, freshmenu and faasos sites & app. Answer : True

Q 4) You can get 10% cashback on loading amazon pay balance in the Great Indian Festival. What is the maximum cashback one customer can get? Answer : Rs 500

Q 5) When does the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2017 begin? Answer : 21st September

Prize Distribution

Total 100 lucky winners will get 5000 Rs amazon balance each by 15th November 2017.

Amazon Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Quiz Answers

galaxy note 8 amazon quiz

Q 1) Galaxy Note 8 infinity display has full frontal glass & sports edge to edge screen : Answer is True.

Q 2) What is the display size of note 8? Answer is 6.3 inches.

Q 3) Which is note a feature of Note 8’s s-pen? Answer is Telekinesis.

Q 4) Which feature allows biometric authentication? Answer is Iris & Fingerprint scanner.

Q 5) Which is not the feature of Note 8’s camera? Answer is 3D printing.

Q 6) What is the name of Note 8’s new virtual assistant? Answer is Bixby.

Q 7) Which feature allows you to click pictures both near & far? Answer is 2x optical zoom.

Q 8) Which of these can you use to turn Galaxy note 8 into pc like experience? : Answer is Samsung Desk.


2 Lucky winners will get samsung galaxy note 8 smartphone by 20th October 2017.

Amazon Tenor Mobile Quiz Answers

amazon tenor quiz answers today

Q 1) Using 1 & 0, the brand 10.or represents the word tenor : Answer is True.

Q 2) What is the screen size of the 10.or E? Answer is 5.5 inches.

Q 3) What is the battery capacity of 10.or E mobile? Answer is 4000 mah.

Q 4) What is the phrase associated with brand tenor? Answer is Defined by you.

Q 5) Tenor 10.or mobile is exclusively available on Amazon : Answer is True.


Winners will be announced by 28th September 2017. Total 6 winners will get this Tenor smartphone and it will be delivered before 30the October 2017.

Amazon Lifelong Massager Quiz Answers

  1. Which is not a physical effect of using a lifelong massager? Answer : Mobile charging
  2. Lifelong massager help in relieving stress by : Kneading and vibration technology
  3. Which is the largest muscle in the human body? Answer : Gluteus Maximus
  4. Which of the following activities would cause the most physical stress? Answer : Rigorous physical activity like aerobics.
  5. Which of the following is a form of Japanese massage? Answer : Shiatsu

amazon lifelong quiz answers

Prizes to be won

10 Lucky winners will get free lifelong massager and it will be delivered by 31st October 2017.

Amazon Moto G5s Plus Quiz & its Answers

These days Amazon is conducting several quizzes which on solving let you win exciting prices. Now they have came up with another ‘amazon moto G5 s plus quiz’ and we are going to reveal its answers in this post.

Before going to the answers, let us look at offer details. As said earlier, only mobile app users can participate in this quiz. Those who are having iPhone 4 or its lower version, windows phone or tab are not eligible to take part in the contest.

Amazon quiz answers today

Are you ready for this?? Let’s go!

Click here to visit offer page & then take the quiz.

#1. How many cameras does the Moto G5s Plus have?

Answer : 3

#2. Which of these is NOT the feature of moto g5s plus?

Answer : Time Travel

#3. What is the maximum storage available?

Answer : 64 GB

#4. Which of these is NOT a function of selfie camera on moto g5 s plus?

Answer : levitation

#5. With moto turbo charger you get 6 hours of power in 15 minutes charge

Answer : True

After solving all the questions, you will see a banner containing following message : congratulations! You are eligible to win moto g5 s plus phone.

Winners will be announced by 28thst September 2017.

What are the prizes for winners?

Amazon will withdraw 8 entries and they will be given Motorola phone worth 20,000 rs. Winners will get an email notification regarding the contest and then they will have to submit PAN card/voter ID as required.

Amazon Sports Fest Quiz

Today amazon is back again with another cool deal! You just need to solve few easy questions to win prizes worth 1 Lakh Rupees. This is Amazon sports fest guess & win quiz and here you will find its updated answer key.

Before solving this puzzle, keep following points in mind. What are those? Let us see…

amazon sports fest quiz

1] Firstly, you need to identify the product hidden in the picture.

2] Then search for the same product in Amazon mobile app.

3] Now select the size and look for amazon fest guess & win sticker.

4] Click on that sticker and stand a chance to win 1 lakh rupees!

All the products are either Adidas, Fila or Lotto shoes, so it won’t be that difficult to crack this quiz.

Answer Key

Since puzzles are randomly given, we can’t display the answers in sequence but it doesn’t matter at all!

1) Reebok Shoes

2) Lotto black sport shoes

3) Lotto green shoes

4) Fila maranello running shoes

5) Lotto wind running shoes

6) Asics men’s mesh multisport training shoes

7) Asics Gel Zaraca 5 running shoes

8) Fila maranello blue shoes


  • 6 Lucky winners will get Adidas bags worth Rs 3599 each.
  • 10 Winners will get wrist band from Reebok.
  • Another 10 winners will be rewarded with Fila bag worth 2000 Rs each.
  • There are total 44 Lotto slippers worth 450 Rs each to be won.

Keep visiting spycoupon for more quizzes and their answers.

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amazon recharge quiz answers

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