Airtel Lay’s Offer : Free 2 GB 4G Data With Every Chips Pack

Usage of Digital mediums for education and video streaming of OTT’s for entertainment purposes has predominantly increased the demand for data packs in mobiles.

So almost all the telecom operators these days have been collaborating with various enterprises. They are concocting new exciting recharge plans so that they don’t lose their existing customers, and at the same time, they are looking to captivate brand-new customers.

airtel lay's offer details

One of India’s leading telecom operators – Airtel has also upped its game to not lose its prevailing customers because of alluring benefits offered by other telecom operators and an increase in the requirement of internet data of its clients.

What’s Airtel Lay’s Offer?

Airtel recently allied with PepsiCo and is offering the dual customers of both brands an opportunity to win a maximum of 6GB high-speed data.

This sounds interesting I guess? Let’s be honest, in this generation everyone does love extra internet data so everyone will be delighted at such a piece of news.

When food gets coupled with the internet to form an offer then that is a classic combo. That is what happened here. By munching delicious Lays, Uncle Chips, Kurkure, and Doritos packets you can win additional data in your Airtel accounts. Let us know in detail about this offer.

Procedure To Redeem Free Airtel Data Using Pepsico’s Products

  • When you guys buy any of the products – Lays/Kurkure/Uncle Chips/Doritos promotional packs then glance on the inner wall of the rapper and you will find a 12-digit Airtel Promo Code. Using this code you can win up to 2GB data on your airtel accounts. This promo offer is open to all Indian citizens who are 18 years of age and above, with an active Airtel prepaid connection.
  • If the Lays/Kurkure/Uncle Chips/Doritos packet you bought is worth Rs 10 then you will get 1GB as a reward and if it of Rs 20 worth then you will receive 2GB data.
  • To redeem this offer, you need to download the latest version of the Airtel Thanks app from Google Play Store or iOS store. Then open the app and look for the ‘My Coupons’ section. In the ‘My Coupons’ section there will be a text box in which the participants can enter the 12 digit promo code (obtained from the packet) and go on to claim the offer(1GB/2GB) in the form of a data coupon. 
  • Once claimed, the data coupon will be available to cash-in until 31st Jan 2021 and can be redeemed at any point before that day. The availed data with a voucher will be valid for only 3 calendar days including which includes the day of redemption. 
  • Free data (1GB/2GB) offers can be availed only thrice by a single Airtel number. 
  • All the packets of Lays/Kurkure/Uncle Chips/Doritos available in the market have this promotional offer. So before buying, kindly check the outer label of the packet carefully for details about the Airtel offer on it. 

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