Ace Academy New Year Offer: Discount on Gate 2015 Test Series

As you know, higher education is always recommended for bright future of students. After engineering one can get admission to IIT’s or government PUS (Public Sectors) jobs. To be eligible for such great schemes, you should have enough GATE score. One should prepare for these kind of exams right from third year of engineering. Here is list approximate marks needed to achieve prestigious colleges:

  1. Gate score above 60 : IISC Banglore
  2. 50-60 marks : IIT (Indian Institute of Technology)
  3. 40-50 : NIT (National Institute of Technology)
  4. 30-40 : Most of the government as well as private sector companies consider Gate score as eligibility criteria.

Gate 2015 Ace Academy OfferAs far as I know, ACE academy is the most popular GATE coaching class all over India (specially Hyderabad). For New Year 2015 celebration, they are offering online test series worth 1000 Rs just for 250 Rs (till 1 January 2015). Students from all branches such as mechanical, electrical, civil, computer, instrumentation are eligible for this series. To get detailed information information, visit this link.

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Ace Academy New Year Offer: Discount on Gate 2015 Test Series