10 Things You Should Know Before Applying for AdSense

Earning money online is very simple if you know some basic tips and tricks. AdSense is one of the most widely used monetization program by online bloggers. If you’re website owner and want to earn some cash from blog, then here are 10 Things that you should know before applying for AdSense. Things to know before applying Google AdSense

  1. Use custom domain name for website like dot com, in etc. Try to avoid subdomains like .blogspot.in
  2. Post fresh content on daily basis (3-5 articles everyday). Make sure not to copy paste content from already existing sites. Write long and informative articles containing attractive images, proper heading tags.
  3. After reaching 100-150 articles, you will start receiving organic traffic (which comes from search engines like Google, yahoo, bing). Don’t even think to apply for AdSense if blog is not receiving natural traffic. Forcing friends & family to open your website is not really gonna work.
  4. Wait for at least 180 days until blog receives daily 4-5 K pageviews. It is better practice to link site with Google Analytics for better optimization. It gives you details about live visitors, search keywords etc.
  5. Layout of website should be clean and responsive (suitable for all screen sizes), since AdSense ads performs best on such themes. Don’t use cra**ed templates as they can contain malicious codes. Purchase premium themes that best suits for your blog.
  6. Avoid placing ads from other networks like Bidvertiser, Popads.net, chitika, infolinks before applying for adsense.
  7. Don’t put adu*t and illegal content (Read policy’s here).
  8. I will recommend to use good hosting provider like Godaddy (avoid free hosting services) to minimize server & site speed issues. If you’re using Blogger, then there is no need of host.
  9. Finally, you can sign up for AdSense using this link. Fill up your details very carefully and wait for 7 business days for approval process.
  10. Note that, only 1 member from entire family can apply for Adsense.

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10 Things You Should Know Before Applying for AdSense